Without Flash

Vladimir Azarov

"I transformed myself in the zero of form." Kazimir Malevich



Publisher Probel-2000. Moscow,Russia
ISBN 978-5-98604-142-1
131 pages

About the book:

"I'm not Vladimir Nabokov. Alas. But I'm a Russian living in Canada. I have a need to try to express my new life's impressions using the laconic-polite but expressive bell-sounding English, the language of great English literature."

     for Graphics of Life

a tent-wooden Circus Cart creaks under the many
goods and sundries - its steaming road-dust tail

sways to the slow and rhythmic clatter of horse shoes.
now look at the riders -- a bendable boy with a hint of horns

plays the pipe - he straddles the front seat as he plays
from behind a curtain a disgruntled old women peers out

and behind her a circus monkey and a pale baby's crying face
a pony-tailed girl jumps from the cart precisely

and pirouettes into the morning air - she runs to the bushes -
nature calls - she hides from all lost knights and curious onlookers

afterward she stands and stops - she sees the four ends of this poem :

the circus monkey sits with the horned boy embracing the baby
sucking on a stale cloth-covered hunk of bread

the old woman turns to the girl and spits: "In two hundred years
just offspring will witness a miracle called Cirque du Soleil!"

in the full-length mirror a girl admires her vertical leg -
a horned boy holds a large ball that says: "Cirque Du Soliel"

Picasso's "The Circus Cart" hangs on the hotel room wall
in plain sight of the woman's child who stares -- wide-eyed

My first book published in Moscow

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