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Vladimir Azarov

"I transformed myself in the zero of form." Kazimir Malevich



Publisher TVP (BookThug),
Canada, Toronto

ISBN 976-1-927040-02-7

About the book:

"Full of poetry written in his unique excited voice, Vladimir Azarov has here created yet another ambitious collection of poetry. Imitation does just as it says - these poems have been composed by someone who is imitating the memories and experiences of a life well lived. I can only hope that when I reach the age of Mr. Azarov I too will have such a vast array of material at my disposal, and the same energy he has to capture each and every one of them."

Jay MillAr

A content of the book is a poetic meditation around the stormy sea of art, architecture, history, and the human spirits. The book presents also two poems of the other authors: The translations of Boris Pasternak's poem "Winter Night" by Christopher Barnes, and the translation of Catullus's "QVAERIS, ..." by Ewan Whyte. The final work of the book is a dialoguing tale-poem - "Song of Igor", written as a rework of the Old-Russian saga-chronicle "The Lay of Igor Campaign", edited by Christopher Barnes.

Borodin's Prince Igor -- the Great Performance at the Met 2014


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