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Vladimir Azarov

"I transformed myself in the zero of form." Kazimir Malevich


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Literary Review of Canada

March 2014

Poem "Modigliani" in the Literary Review of Canada from the book "Strong Words" by Barry Callaghan and Vladimir Azarov


With Modigliani following me
Through a blue Parisian fog
Looking like a dispirited and
Dispiriting shadow of himself,
I've been shaken even in my sleep
By a deep yearning remorse.

Yet for me - his Egyptian woman...
An old grinder's organ moans
A Paris music that intones underfoot
Like the groaning sea,
He'd imbibed in his shame,
Drunk his fill of grief and hard times.

In St. Petersburg's National Library there is an Akhmatova manuscript, "Poem Without A Hero." In its margins, Akhmatova has written lines to Amedeo Modigliani. Akhmatova never did include this poem among her works. It will not be published until 1980.

Exile. The Literary Quarterly

The Literary Quarterly Volume 37 N 4

The Literary Quarterly Volume 37 No. 4 published two poems by Vladimir Azarov "Of Madness" and "of Terrorism".

Exile. The Literary Quarterly

ELQ Volume 36 No. 1

ELQ Volume 36, No. published three poems by Vladimir Azarov from his book "Dinner with Catherine the Great".

"A penetrating examination in poetry of the intellectual might, ferocity, depth, and intrigue of the various forms of authority we encounter in power structures of all kinds, and a grand tribute to the elegance and terrifying force of great ideas."

-- Bruce Meyer, Poet Laureat and author of more than 30 books

The Lenin Library in Moscow

I did not care, reading Proust and Beckett and Eluard ...
while the other burgers played football ...

                                                                      Stuart Ross

I am young and stealing
along wood-paneled narrow corridors of a
       smart contemporary temple
designed like Mussolini's Art Deco
       near the Kremlin
the Lenin Library of Moscow

in size it is second only
to the Library of Congress Washington D.C.
but many of the Moscow volumes were banned
closed to me and from the crowd
I brought
from my official supervisors
       attesting to my faith and loyalty so funny now
                     kid's contents like :

                     the sixteen books
of Freud's inventions translated decades before this severe regime
       on Totem and Taboo
              On Sexuality
Art and Literature
              where is the politics?
              or the ideology?
just an intellectual       babble
       then :
              1919 by Dos Passos?
                     darkly absurd Beckett?
Ionesco's comic plays?

       I am young and stealing
       along wood-paneled narrow corridors of a
       smart contemporary temple ...

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