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Vladimir Azarov

"I transformed myself in the zero of form." Kazimir Malevich


Night Out

Publisher Exile Editions,
Canada, Toronto

ISBN 978-1-55096-309-0

Night Out - is my second book, published by Exile Editions. The poems were collected by several years. To translate the poetry by great Russian poet Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin was my long-time dream. His sunny, transparent, singing poetry cannot have the English equevalent. A big help in this work was my encounter with translation of Pushkin with contemporary English poet and translator D. M. Thomas. He says : "From time to time in my writing life I have translated Russian poetry... It's like serving in the workshop of a great master. It's also a bit like an act of love." My attempt to translate Pushkin was limited by three poems.


NIGHT OUT is my journey through memories, some imagined, a journey that begins with poems that focus on Russia, the country of my birth, and the ancestry of that great Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin: his great-grandfather was brought to Russia from Ethiopia by Peter the Great, and I have imagined an historical connection between Pushkin and the legendary Queen of Ethiopia, Sheba.

On such a journey, victimization must inevitably play its part: I have tried to capture that victimization by dealing with the martyr figure, Vincent van Gogh, by tracking him into the dark asylum of his sorrowful admiration for his friend, Paul Gauguin.

Finally, my background as an architect, and my recent trip to Japan, has led me to meditate on aspects of contemporary urban development, and so I conclude this book with a section of poems that touch on my favourite modern Japanese architect, Kenzo Tange.

"V. A. July 2012      

For a frontispiece of "Night Out" it was used Van Gogh's painting "Undergrowth with Two Figures".
Van Gogh's painting "Undergrowth with Two Figures" (detail) is reprinted by permission of the BrigemanArt Library International,New York.

Barry Callaghan reading King of Geometry from the book Night Out.

NIGHT OUT. Part III. Kenzo Tange.

September 4, 2013 Kenzo Tange's 100th Birthday

1) The St. Mary Cathedral in Tokyo by Kenzo Tange.
2) Tomb of Kenzo Tange.
3) Yuki Hisako (Azarov's friend and a character of the poem), Mr Susuki (worker of Kenzo Tange company), and Vladimir Azarov at the Lobby of the St. Mary Cathedral.



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