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Vladimir Azarov

"I transformed myself in the zero of form." Kazimir Malevich


Sochi Delirium


Publisher Exile Editions,
Canada, Toronto

ISBN 978-1-55096-440-0

Sochi Delirium

An unyielding fever of 103, the Sochi Olympics, and a state of inspirational semi-delirium came together as Vladimir Azarov sat in front of his television, images swirled in his mind like a waltzing kaleidoscope. Memories from decades past were triggered as the Pussy Riot girls were being whipped by Cossacks. Marilyn Monroe of Some Like It Hot became his muse while he composed recollections: his first trip to Sochi in 1962; sitting with Henry Moore at his home in Much Haddam; discussing verisimilitudes with Pasolini, art with Frank O'Hara, film and acting with Leni Riefenstahl; shock at terrorists killing Israelis in Munich. As the 2014 Games ended, his fever abated. This remarkable book of poems arose from those two weeks.

The Words on the Street.
Vladimir Azarov reading from "Sochi Delirium".
Launch of the book.

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