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Vladimir Azarov

"I transformed myself in the zero of form." Kazimir Malevich



June 10, 2021


From a middle of 2020 to beginning of 2021
It was published 4 (FOUR) translated into Russian language books--
by Moscow Publishing House Probel-2000

Подстрочный перевод -- А. Андреев
Владимир Азаров адаптировал свой авторский текст в связи с переводом на русский язык.
Книги можно приобрести в Пробел-2000 или книжном магазине Фалангстер


June 7, 2021


НИЧЕГО -- the book published by Moscow Publishing House Probel-2000 translated into Russian language
(the English manuscript -- titled NOTHING)


October 14, 2020

In Stores October 30, 2020

My new bilingual Russian - English flap book -- "вepтушкa"
Exile Editions 2020



March 12, 2019

In Stores April 17, 2019.


Winter in the Country
On "The Death of Ivan Ilyich"
An Atomic Cake

Preface by Barry Callaghan

Thank you, Exile Editions, for publishing my three books in one.


Happy New 2019 Year our Exile Editions Publishing Company!

Leadership of Exile Editions Holder of an Order of Canada Barry Callaghan

Michael Callaghan and Gabriela Campos

Happy New Year!

Architect and Poet Vladimir Azarov with two young architects of Studio VAARO

Happy 2019 New Year!

“Gutierrez, who lived in Tijuana, Mexico,
Boasted to have created the COCKTAIL MARGARITA
As a homage to actress Rita Hayworth...”


July 1st 2017

Muhlenberg Library
209 West 23rd Street, Manhattan New York, US

Open Mic Hosted by The National Writers Union
Come and share your poetry and your literary skills!

Apr 2017

The Manuscript of my new book DOSTOEVSKY LANE is ready for publishing.

Eight Narrative Poetic Tales Devoted to Russian Culture.
A.S. Pushkin's poems translated by Barry Callaghan.


                              The second half of a man's life is made up of nothing
                              but the habits he has acquired during the first half.
                                                              -- F. M. Dostoevsky

This latest book, Dostoevsky Lane, continues my writing stepping-stones of revelations about, and insights into, Russian culture (all very timely in today's ongoing Trump "reality show" that continues to swirl around ties to Russia). In this new collection, the canonical figures Pushkin and Dostoevsky are centre-stage, along with the extraordinary Russian author, Lou von Salome, who was student of Sigmund Freud and close friend of Friedrich Nietzsche and Rainer Maria Rilke. As always comes to the forefront in my writing, the echo of events that surrounded how my parents who were political exiles under the Stalinist regime (banished from St. Petersburg to Kazakhstan, which is where I began my life eight decades ago).

Mar 2017

Buy my two books "OF ARCHITECTURE The Territories of a Mind" and "Sochi Delirium" at the biggest American Store Barnes and Noble!

February 2017

Key West. Florida. The US

Monroe County Public Library
700 Whitehead Street

February 5, 2017
Key West Poetry Gould Monthly Meeting
Poetry Reading

Vladimir Azarov reading from his latest book OF ARCHITECTURE with Edgardo Alvarado-Vazquez, organizer of event Wiki Boguszewski, Key West poet

Ernest Hemingway House
907 Whitehead Street, Key West, Florida, the US

Ernest Hemingway House with Hemingway Cat

Tennessee Williams
Key West Exhibit
1207 Whitehead Street, Key West Florida the US

September 2016

Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania. The US

Pittsburgh of Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Write

Pittsburgh of Warhol Museum

Pittsburgh of Gertrude Stein

Pittsburgh of reading
Pittsburgh Poetry Collective
September 27, Steel City Slam Capri Bar

Reading from my book OF ARCHITECTURE
Photo by Heather Kresge

March 27, 2016


Review of My Three Books in The Pacific Rim Review of Books


Five new releases of Exile Editions coming soon! Hoggwash by Barry Callaghan and Joe Rosenblatt / Fragments of Place by Aude tr. David Homel / Clockwork Canada: Steampunk Fiction ed. Dominik Parisien / Vanishing Act by Giles Blunt / Of Architecture by Vladimir Azarov with nine illustrations Nina Bunjevac. Pre-order at: http://www.exileeditions.com.


Feb, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, California, the US


The longest running Poetry open in the US,
2095 Hayes Street
San Francisco, California
We've had fine poetry and good food since 1972 and welcome poets,
those who read or appreciate it
as well as any who would witness the "grand conversations with the muse."
Come and enjoy!

SF Sacred Open Mic Public Group
My reading on February 17, 2016

Daniel Philip Brady's Review of February 17th as posted on FaceBook :
"Although the weather was inclement, we had a good house and a bit of a crowd last night as we recognized Black History Month ... We had a traveling poet from Canada although he is of Russian descent, Vladimir Azarov, a newbie, was warmly welcomed at Sacred ..."

November 27, 2015

Today I received several copies of my new book "OF ARCHITECTURE : The Territories of a Mind" -
Illustrations by Nina Bunjevac
Introduction by Edward Kay

Thank you so much Exile Editions -- Barry Callaghan and Michael Callaghan

OF ARCHITECTURE : The Territories of a Mind
Publisher Exile Editions
Canada. Toronto
ISBN 978-1-5509-9

A lively collection populated by historical icons, each poem a story about the potency of imagination, territories, border-crossings of the mind - among them: the madness of a king who wants to be a swan, Michelangelo chiselling a heart that beats into his David, Tsar Peter with his three pet dwarfs acting as generals in the army, Vera Zasulich who became the world's first woman terrorist, Robinson Crusoe hunting for the footprints of Friday, Michael Jackson pretending he is Marcel Marceau as he was Marlene Dietrich in Paris...

June 23, 2015

Having already "Stalin's Daughter" by Rosemary Sullivan from Amazon without payment for shipping ...

1) Reading the book

2) Svetlana Allilueva -- Lana Peters in 2011

June 21, 2015

Party at Barry Callaghan's residence devoted to Gloria Vanderbilt Awards.

Author of "Stalin's Daughter" R. Sullivan and V. Azarov meeting at Exile Editions party. Photo by Mark Tearle.


June 11 2015

Happy Birthday ANNA AKHMATOVA!

"I studied to read through ALPHABET by Leo Tolstoy." A. Akhmatova


June 7 2015

Ellington's Music and Café - Toronto

12:00 Noon-2:30 pm
Sunday Poetry Reading
805 St Clair Ave West


Join our circle for Poetry, music, visual Arts, performance and discussion on the issues and movements that are changing global consciousness.
The work you choose for this event must be for all-aged audiences to see.

May 9th - July 4th 2015


GNSTUDIO, Oakville, Ontario

Claire Weissman Wilks, at the home of writer Leon Rooke.
Photo by V. Azarov

The personal web site of Claire Weissman Wilks - here

Claire's works in Azarov's collection -- "Muse" and "Woman This Way"


April 2015 - VISIT of NEW YORK


I have had my long-standing dream to visit The New York Carnegie Hall --
this great Music Hall was opened by Tchaikovsky in 1891.

Tchaikovsky conducted five of his works during the Opening Festival of the Music Hall, starting on Tuesday, May 5, 1891.

His image was all over the papers, and people would cut out his photo and ask him to sign the other side. He usually included a musical quote, quickly notating a phrase from his Suite No. 3, which he had conducted during the Opening Festival on May 7 - his 51st birthday. "People in the United States know my work better than they do in Russia, in my own home," he remarked.

But I listened to my favourite Shostakovich -- Thursday, April 23, 2015 at 8 pm

To listen to "Shostakovich Cello Concerto No. 2 : II - Allegretto" on youtube.com, please, click here


Vladimir Azarov reading his poetry in

"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to live so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion." -- Albert Camus.

founded and produced by longtime New York City journalist, former Village Voice columnist, and poet Mike Geffner,

The Inspired Word
is one of the hottest open mic-performance series
(spoken word, poetry, comedy, music, storytelling) in the US,
happening every week in New York City.

Vladimir Azarov & Mike Geffner

April 20, 2015
Monday Night

Vladimir Azarov reading poetry
from his book "Sochi Delirium"
at The Inspired Word Parkside Lounge
(317 East Huston, Manhattan, NY)


April 21, 2015
Tuesday Night

Vladimir Azarov reading poetry from his book "Territories"
at The Inspired Word Funkadelic Studios
(209 West 40th Street, Manhattan, NY)


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